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Tallow Modeling Tool Set

Price: $45.00


Tallow Modeling Tool Set

This set of 6 tools is excellent for smoothing, contouring and detailing large sculptures with big surface areas. Sharpened ribbons of stainless steel are secured into hard wood handles with metal grommets.

Tallow Scraping Tool

Modeling Tallow Scraping Tool

An inexpensive tool designed to effortlessly shave modeling tallow into perfect curls which facilitates rapid softening of the tallow when worked by hand. A great time saver and highly recommended.

Price: $5.00

Tallow Scraping Tool

Culinart Hot Knife

Hot Knife
This amazing tool has a 6” heated blade that glides right through styrofoam, enabling the user to accomplish the most intricate carving in styrofoam.

Price: $89.00




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