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Some Words from Dominic

In 1984, I started the Bread Effects Company to pursue my passion for making culinary artwork. For fourteen years, my staff and I hand-crafted baskets and cornucopias made from bread and shipped them to hotels and restaurants all over the world. In 1996, I became fascinated with the art of tallow sculpting and made it my mission to re-invent and repopularize this extremely versatile and "user friendly" medium. My tallow work was so well received by chefs throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands that I discontinued making bread baskets and changed my company's name to Culinart. Under this new banner, I have put all my energy into creating an extensive product line illustrated on this website. You will find the most comprehensive assortment of bulk tallow ever offered in culinary history, as well as specialized tools, Styrofoam, and coloring gels. For those of you who want to buy finished sculptures, this website features over 100 competition quality showpieces, which are available in your choice of white, butter, cheddar or chocolate tallow.

Through the years, I have taken pride in offering products whose quality and performance are unmatched in the food service industry. The newest addition in this category is Chef's Silicone PlastiqueTM. For those of you who make your own molds or have always wanted to, I strongly recommend you check out this amazing silicone compound. Unlike other liquid silicones, Silicone PlastiqueTM has a doughlike consistency and is completely food-safe, formulated to be used by chefs in kitchens.

It has been my extreme pleasure to serve this dynamic industry since I started it all in 1984. If I or a member of my staff can be of further assistance, please feel free to call upon us with your questions, toll free at 1-800-333-5678.

Dominic Palazzolo
President / Culinary Artist

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